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About BBTF;
The BBTF was conceived by young aspiring entrepreneurs who nurse burning desires to become established entrepreneurs some day. Because we live in a world, where we rise by lifting others and no business thrives well in Isolation, building a network around a business is inevitable. In one way or the other, we need each other. The event just like every other trade fair event is aimed at creating awareness for brands and raising their profiles, building a network of customers, suppliers and promoting good relationships between buyers and sellers. It will also be an opportunity to launch new products, make competitor analysis and build a strong database of marketing lists. Most importantly, Big Bang Trade fair specifically intends to encourage young and student entrepreneurs by providing them a great platform with a larger audience to market their products.

Why is Big Bang Trade fair the right event for you?
Calabar is a big city known for it’s prominence in entertainment. At least once every week, a big event is hosted in Calabar, where we pay money to have fun and get entertained. Big Bang Trade fair is a concept that combines both entertainment and income generation. Think of buying and selling and getting entertained at the same time. Now you see, you’d have nothing to loose and it’s a double gain. You also have a great advantage as the organizers of the event would help each vendor do rigorous advertisement for his/her products prior to the event. After payment and successful registration, each vendor will be getting a free Polo to be worn on the event day as one of the means of identification of the vendors, asides the ticket that would be issued during verification and accreditation of vendors by 7am on the first day of the event.

Date, Time and Venue information;
Big Bang Trade fair is a three day event which will kick off on the 24th October 2019 and run till 26th October 2019. On the first day of the event, verification and accreditation of vendors will commence by 7am and sales starts by 9am.
On subsequent days, the event would commence by 9am and end by 5pm.
The venue of the event is Abraham Ordia Stadium, University of Calabar, Calabar. Stands would be scattered around the surroundings of the stadium and beyond.

Do buyers/Benefactors have other advantages asides buying at cheaper prices?
Yes, they do. There would be a raffle draw for buyers and fascinating prizes are to be won. The raffle tickets would be gotten on the event days. There would also be giveaways for buyers.

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