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Noble Eyisi Graduates With A First Class


Noble Eyisi a former SUG president of Nnamdi Azikiwe University who was rusticated for alleged misconduct has graduated from the University of Hull with a BSC Honours in political science.

Noble Eyisi Graduates With A First Class

I remember during my year one days. We just finished having one of those lectures where one wondered if school was really worth the stress. I was outside waiting for the next lecture, when this fine young man approached me and told me he was vying for the number one position in the SUG government.

Noble Eyisi Graduates With First Class

He spoke well and made vital points in his manifesto as he tried to convince me to vote for him.

Some days later, I voted. The results came in that evening and he was declared winner.

He didn’t last six months in office, though. We woke up one morning to hear that he had been expelled due to some sort of misconducts.

I really didn’t know much about the issue, but what I knew was that during his tenure, he brought down the transportation fare of Keke from 30 naira to 20 naira. He also reduced the price of food from 250 to 200.

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He seemed to have been fighting against the cabal who didn’t have the welfare of students at heart.

Like I said, he was rusticated just like that. No proof of the misconducts, no fair hearing… He was dethroned of his rightful position as SUG and also expelled too!

Nobody knew or heard anything about him, until news surfaced yesterday about his graduation from the university of hull.

This should be wonderful feat worth celebrating for someone who was already in his year three before he got expelled.

He didn’t mind starting off again and he finally succeeded in the end!

I once made a post sometime saying political science was the worst course to study in a Nigerian university and people thought I was bluffing. Well, look at how easy Noble Eyisi made it look. He bagged a first class honors in Political science while his counterparts in Nigeria are struggling to graduate with a second class lower! If this doesn’t validate me, I wonder what else would!

A big congratulations to you, Noble! This proves that one can set out to achieve whatever they want to achieve no matter the setback and disappointment.

I’m proud of you! This is just the beginning.

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