Home News Couple’s Photo Found Inside A Bottle Of Schnapps.

Couple’s Photo Found Inside A Bottle Of Schnapps.


Couple’s photo found inside a bottle during an excavation in Rivers State

A Facebook user discovers a yet to be identified couple’s photo inside a schnapps bottle in the course of an excavation in Rivers state.

A Facebook user with the name David Chibuoso Dennis posted the news and made mention that the couple’s photo was found in a bottle of schnapp with a ten Naira note inside

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Below, is the post he made.

“To whom it may concern,People are very wicked Ooo, but God pass them, this picture of a man and a woman suspected to be couple, was found is a shinap bottle with ten Naira note inside The same bottle which was excavated at the river MINI-EZI. Elele Alimini during the water ways cleaning today. Who ever that knows them should contact 09093222474 for better explanation, share it until it gets to the owner of the picture, as you do so God will Excavate yours in Jesus name Amen.”