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The Three Musketeers; Rema, T-classic and Fireboy


The Three Musketeers; Rema, T-classic and Fireboy

In today’s article, Kosi Ugo talks about the three Nigerian music artists currently making wave at the moment; Rema, T Classic and Fireboy. He gives a well-detailed review on their hit songs and also says what he thinks of them.

I remember the first time I heard the song “Iron Man” playing in the background, it irritated me so much, but not as much as the guy who kept on putting it on repeat. The first question that came to my mind was “who was this Indian clown?”

I later got to find out that his name was Rema and as a matter of fact, a Nigerian who just got signed under D Prince who also happened to be signed under his brother, Don Jazzy.

The Three Musketeers; Rema, T-classic and Fireboy

Then, as if I became cursed with a plague, everyone around me kept playing this “wanna-be-Indian” boy’s song. It was on repeat everywhere I went, much to my annoyance.

I thought maybe that’d be the end, but I didn’t know he and his so-called fans had more craze up their sleeves. He came with another one titled “Dumbebi” and everyone lost it.

But not me, though. I wondered how someone could scream “Manya” like a drunk having a freestyle session in a studio.
I kept asking friends what they saw in the song, but no one could point out anything reasonable.

Was it the lyrics? Let’s not even go there! He said to many things, but ended up saying nothing.

Oh yeah! It had a beat you could dance to, I get it; and considering the fact that many Nigerians love to dance, I understood why they didn’t care less about the trash your Newbie, Rema gave us in his songs.

And then came “Boulevard“. Let’s not even talk about that one.

Well, I might not like Rema, but for some peculiar reason that is probably hidden under the sun, many Nigerians like him and he’s one artist that should be gearing up to win the next rated, whether he continues to sing trash or not.

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T Classic.

I remember having a meal in a restaurant when this lovely tune graced my ears. I looked around and I saw people nodding and singing aloud to the tune. The song was coming from a music video playing on the large TV screen.

The Three Musketeers; Rema, T-classic and Fireboy

I got fascinated by the artist and asked someone singing along who he was.
He told me the person’s name was T-classic and the title of the song was “Nobody Fine Pass You.”

I instantly downloaded the song and it was on repeat for weeks. I “was feeling nice” and I loved every bit of it!

Went on to check other songs of his and I found the one he did with Mayorkun titled “Fall in love”.

I love T-classic and I’m rooting so much for him in future.

Fireboy DML.

Just like the hotness before the boy, Fireboy is fire! Damn! That dude is arguably the best thing to look out at the headies!

The first time I heard the song ‘Jealous‘, I instantly got addicted oh baby! It was one of those songs I kept putting on repeat until everyone caught the virus I was spreading and also got addicted too.

The Three Musketeers; Rema, T-classic and Fireboy

Fireboy‘s voice is everything! His lyrics are not wacky and his tune could make rebels far away in Sudan lay down their weapons and start dancing to the rhythm of his songs.

Olamide really did a good job picking him up!

If he keeps going at this rate, then it’s safe to say that he might become our next Wizkid or Davido!

I like to call these guys the “three musketeers”. They broke into the industry almost at the same time, made and are still making waves for themselves. Though they might not walk or work together like typical musketeers, but they surely have come to stay in the hearts of many Nigerians. Let’s just pray none of their fighting swords falls off them, for a new era has arrived.

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My name is Kosi Ugo, I’m just a guy who likes to write about anything.

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